Learn Math & Earn Pocket Money - motivate kids to earn pocket money by their mind.

I made this app for my daughter to motivate her to learn arithmetic and to solve math examples with automatism. And it worked out perfectly for her and for my friends' kids! Now I share my app to everybody for free.

Learn Math & Earn Pocket Money app lets children to earn pocket money by their mind (parents pay out money to kids). Of course you can use this app without mentioning money (more about this mode below).


  1. Parent creates password for parental section of the app.
  2. Parent setups reward (currency) for each type of math example.
  3. Kid solves math examples with pleasure and earns money (starting to solve math examples with automatism).
  4. Parent pays out money earned by kid (in cash).


Think of this app as a virtual account. Child is able to put money into this account automatically by solving math examples. The app keeps records of earned money (based on correctly solved examples) and of paid out money.

Kids see instant result/effect (like with common games) and it motivates them to do math again and again. Plus, kids get real money in cash from parents (this is true for all currencies except bitcoin - read about it below) what motivate them even more because kids could touch them and spend.

IMPORTANT for parents to understand - you are not paying money for chores (like homework/assignment) instead you are paying to your child because he or she is doing extra work. Kids spend their spare time to practice math inside the app.

THE MAIN GOAL FOR PARENTS is paid out cash to kids in time (the moment kid asks). All you need is enter in parental section of the app and withdraw as much money as kid wants or has (parent must give real money to kid).


Interesting fact about my app: your can freely use my it without telling kids about money. Children are happy to solve the examples even without stimulation by money. That is why you can use money as victory points.

If you believe money is not for kids I have another mode for you - investment. All money earned by your kid you can invest in something like bitcoins (read about this mode below).


I designed app for kids with different math skills:


Thanks to the built-in automatic timer and the high score table, children can compete with themselves and see theirs progress. The better kid trains memory (by doing arithmetic), the faster he/she can solve examples (and get higher score).



Because Bitcoin is not like paper currency and kids can't touch it and can't spend I added it for next purposes:

  1. Educational. Tell your kids not only about paper money but also about new digital crypto currency.
  2. Business. I believe we need to tell kids about business from the first grade - kids have to understand they can make and lose money. And this is normal for business.

Parents make deal with bitcoins by their own (manually). To buy bitcoins parent has to create bitcoin wallet in some other app and use online exchange services to convert their real money to bitcoins.

Because bitcoin is a high risk asset you could make a bunch of money and lose them. That is why you should never store money that you cannot afford to lose with Bitcoin.


Learn Math & Earn Pocket Money app gives your all in one. Plus this is very funny app with cute animation and it's addictive.


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